Brabant (no well)

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General informations:

Administrative Information
Cuadrilla Resources
License or consession: 
Permits granted: 
Permitting authorities: 
Minister of Economic Affairs
Administrative country&region&county: 
  • Netherlands
  • Noord-Brabant
Geological Information
Latitude: 51.482955000000
Longitude: 5.230669000000
Geological Formation: 
Epen Upper Carboniferous
Operational Information
Main Category: 
Shale Gas Wells
Borehole direction: 
Not Applicable
Environmental information
Total volume of water used for the fracturing: 
0 m3
Other Information
Other comments: 
Decision in the NL in July 2015: No drilling for shale gas will take place in the Netherlands during the current cabinet term. No commercial exploration or extraction of shale gas will take place in the Netherlands over the next five years. Existing licences for exploration activities relating to shale gas will not be renewed.